Wear It For Berrett’s Mission is to Create Safer Families, One Helmet at a Time

We translate educational resources to create awareness about helmet safety and brain injury prevention. Through partnerships and donations, we ensure everyone can have access to helmets, whether they can afford them or not.

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Meet Berrett

An adventurous and witty 13-year-old boy with enormous dreams. Berrett dreamed of becoming a professional skateboarder and spent every day he could at the skatepark practicing and refining his skills, often until dark or his mama called it a day for him.

Berrett was incredibly entrepreneurial, starting his own skate brand, Kadet Skateboards, featuring his own creative design.

Berrett had a knack for making people laugh, real belly laughs. He was his own person and exuded true leadership at home, school,
and especially when a newcomer showed up at the skatepark.

March 2. 2021 was another typical day at the skatepark for Berrett until he wrecked attempting a new trick and hit his head. Berrett was not wearing his helmet.

As a result, Berrett suffered a subdural hematoma (bleeding on the brain). On March 6th, this injury would claim Berrett’s young life.

Berrett’s life and spirit remain infinite.

He is missed every second of every day.

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Wear it for Berrett’s values


Safety above all

We emphasize the importance of having a previous step of thinking about safety before engaging in an activity such as skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, BMX, biking, or riding scooters.


Not afraid of conversations

We encourage families to discuss helmet safety and deliver the means to make that conversation more informed, lighthearted, and digested.


Power of the community

We advocate for helmet safety by partnering with local businesses and organizations that want to make their communities safer and address real day-to-day problems.


Educators at heart

We make the unseen information, tools, and data about helmet safety visible and accessible so that people can make well-informed decisions.


Join the cause and #WearIt4Berrett

When we lost Berrett in 2021, we decided we would protect his legacy one helmet at a time.

Our goal is to ensure all kids and adults have helmets while living out their greatest life passions, so they can return home to their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, and kids.